welcome to our flag pin section the top two boxes show our fast turnaround flag pins single or double design gold metal pin badges with butterlfy clip on reverse the flag designs are printed on waterproof vynil and then laminated allowing low minimums no set up costs and fast turnaround







Die stuck pin badges, A die is made then stamped into metal and the in-filled with enamel colouring any size any shape of your choice

Our most requested method of production our metal pin badges are priced to longest point of your design which allows any shape of your choice at no extra cost to compliment your design add enamel colouring ( pantone colours matched ) and up to 3 colours are included within our pricing tables. Additional enamel colours are priced at 3p per colour per badge also included within the price is a butterfly clip on reverse, brooch pins can be used at plus 7p per badge On all enquiries received and before you commit to your order we send over visuals of what your design will look like and a visual for you to check design shape colours wording etc. And confirm you are happy to proceed for us to produce

Once confirmed we place into production and delivery time is approx. 3 weeks
( if you need quicker please ask as we will always try and help wherever possible )



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